Since 1932, The Islamic Center of the Argentine Republic is the mother institution who represents all the Muslims of Argentine and the valid speaker before the National Government and the maximum religious authorities. Consistently, it is in charge of the political, diplomatic, cultural and religious relations in the country, as well as in the exterior.

The Islamic Center works actively in order to strength and serves to the Argentine Islamic Herd. One of the principal commitments of the Institution, it is to join the bows among the great quantity of Muslims that live in the Argentine, congregating them, in order that they find in the Islamic Center a place of reference and representation. The entity, with which there are associated all the Islamic organisations of the Argentine Republic, includes besides the Mosque Al-Ahmad and the College Argentine Arabic Omar Bin Al Jattab.

Likewise, the Islamic Center promotes, from the beginning, the firm commitment to work for the growth of the interreligious understanding, managing successfully to do of the Argentine a worldwide example of dialogue and cohabitation.

Nowadays, the Moslem population has reached to world scale the number of approximately 1.500 millions of persons, distributed along 123 countries.

Nevertheless, all these Muslims in any part of the world, need that their food, flavors, nutrients, medicines and cosmetics, have the HALAL CERTIFICATION.

The Islamic Center of the Argentine Republic is the only Institution, authorized and recognized for the National Government and the maximum religious authorities, which, from 1978, emits the HALAL Certification, in Argentina.

In such way, the Center possesses its Halal Department, in which it takes forward the process of Halal Certification, not only for meat products, but also for manufactured products, always and when all of them should be allowed by the Islamic Law.

The procedure of Halal Certification that the Islamic Center has implemented, answers to the spirit of the international in force procedures in the different exporting and producing countries, following the ISO 65 Norm

In its quality of the only entity Attester of the Halal Quality in the Argentine Republic, the Islamic Center, has compromised itself with the task of diffusion and strengthening of the national and international relations, principally, across the participation in commercial official missions, in world forums; and with the signature of agreements, with diverse countries and organisations, orientated to sharing knowledge, experience and information in order to develop and improve Halal Certification services.

The Halal Certification is a Passport of exportation, a Guarantee of quality and of healthy food, which does not present obstacles for its obtaining and which on the contrary, it opens the doors of one of the markets with major potential of growth at present.